Saturday, December 31, 2016

173 Haryana villages to get 24-hour power supply

The Haryana Government has offered a New Year gift to the residents of 173 villages of the state. It will provide 24-hour power supply to these villages from January 1, 2017. The benefit will be given to 32 feeders of the Uttar and Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigams where line losses have dipped below 20 per cent.
Stating this here today, an official spokesman of power utilities said that Panchkula had bagged the honours of becoming the first district of the state to get 24-hour power supply in cities as well as in villages from January 1, 2017. This is a concrete step towards realising the vision of the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, to provide round-the-clock power supply in the entire state.
He said that encouraging the consumers with feeders where line losses were below 20 per cent, 24-hour power would be supplied to 15 such feeders of Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam which covers 127 villages. These include 11 feeders of Ambala-Panchkula covering 119 villages, one feeder of Karnal covering four villages, one feeder of Yamunanagar covering two villages and two feeders of Panipat covering two villages.
            Similarly, 24-hour power would be supplied to 17 feeders of Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam which cover 46 villages. These include nine feeders of Sirsa covering 15 villages, two feeders of Bhiwani covering four villages, two feeders of Rewari covering two villages, two feeders of Palwal covering 21 villages, one feeder of Hisar covering two villages and one feeder of Gurugram covering two villages.
The department had set for itself the target of providing 24-hour power supply to the entire state in the near future. The power utilities have appealed to all consumers to pay their electricity bills on time, and not to indulge in activities like power theft, the spokesman added.
NEW YEAR GREETINGS FROM CM AND GOVERNOR: The Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, has wished the people of Haryana a Happy New Year 2017 and prayed for their wellbeing and prosperity. On this occasion, he also greeted the soldiers safeguarding the borders of the country.
In a statement issued here today, the Chief Minister said, "New Year-eve offers an occasion to look over the shoulders at the achievements made in the year we are leaving behind, and make a resolution for the coming year. On the New Year-eve, we take a vow to dedicate ourselves with renewed verve and vigour to the reconstruction and overall development of Haryana, and wellbeing and prosperity of the people of the state", he added.
The state government is celebrating the golden jubilee year of Haryana from November 1, 2016 to October 31, 2017. Haryana today is draped in the golden hues of Swarna Jayanti celebrations. The Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, had launched the year-long celebrations from Gurugram on November 1, 2016.
Haryana Governor, Prof. Kaptan Singh Solanki, today extended his heartiest greetings and best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year to the people of the State.
        In his message issued here today, Prof. Solanki, said that the dawn of New Year was always welcomed with renewed hope, which could be fulfilled only by working together with resolve and dedication.
        On this happy occasion, he said, “Let us resolve to build a strong, peaceful and united India and rededicate ourselves towards working for its progress and prosperity."

Govt invites suggestions from principals on Transfer Draft Policy

 Haryana Government has framed a Draft Policy to regulate transfers of teaching and non-teaching staff of Government Colleges with effect from the year 2016-17. Therefore, all the Principal of Government Colleges of the State have been asked to send their suggestions, if any, in this regard within 15 days to the Director, Higher Education so that the policy can be finalised.
        While stating this here today, a spokesman of the Higher Education Department said that all the transfers of teaching staff and non-teaching staff posted or to be posted in the Government colleges of the State would be made in accordance with the guidelines of the policy.
        As per the guidelines, consecutive, normal tenure of an employee at any place of posting should be a minimum of three years. An employee would not be transferred even after three years in case his or her results have been 100 per cent during the last three years and if he or she wishes to continue in that college. However, further an employee who has completed tenure of three years would be eligible to seek transfer against vacancy or on mutual transfer basis. An employee who gives 100 per cent results for five years may seek posting of choice, on natural transfer basis, as well as otherwise.
        He said that an employee can be transferred at any point of time after seeking prior orders of the State Government on administrative ground and public interest. However, specific administrative ground for which an employee is sought to be transferred would be cited. Usually, an administrative ground for transfer of an employee would be any specific complaint received through MPs, MLAs, Chairman or Sarpanch, Gram Panchayat and by stake holders such as parents. Students’ ipso factor would not be transferred subject to verification as per the chief Secretary policy. In case of teachers, transfers would be made in pending inquiry in cases of complaints, poor results, allegation of sexual harassment or professional misconduct whereas administrative exigency and complaints in case of employees. He said that failure to comply with the directions issued by the Directorate regarding maintenance of record relating to mid-term subject tests, students attendance and performance of the students in project or other important instructions issued from time to time. Misconduct, indiscipline, case of moral turpitude, conduct against decorum and propriety, he added.
        The spokesman said that request of employee for their transfer to their preferred stations, that is, in five different government colleges, except the district where they are already posted would only be entertained subject to administrative exigencies or in case of 100 per cent result for five consecutive years and keeping in view the interest of college students. The only request would be made to the Directorate from December 1 to 15, and June 1 to l5 every year. The transfer order would be made by January 15 and July 15 each year. The request would be made only in the prescribed format. It would be mandatory to indicate five choices of stations. Any application with less than five stations or without being forwarded from the controlling authority would not be entertained. Any employee would make a request as per the Conduct Rules. The Government has identified 53 Government colleges as “Rural colleges”. The Government can transfer any Assistant Professor for fulfilling minimum rural service condition to these colleges at any stage even during the academic year to fill up the vacancies. If no such teacher is available or willing, then the Government can transfer any teacher to these colleges in accordance with the ‘Mandatory Rural Transfer Policy’ dated July 5, 2013 and consequently the issue of subject-wise period of mandatory rural service vide letter dated August 14, 2014.
        He said that the required years of the service to be rendered in a rural college would be in accordance with the policy mentioned dated August 14, 2014. The break in period would be considered for award of senior scale or grade and thereafter the Selection scale. The Department is not bound to post an incumbent continuously in the same or other rural college for completion of required length of rural service as required for award of both the scales. In case an incumbent completes the prescribed period of rural posting, he or she may be transferred to other college and in such cases the limit of five years would not be applicable. An NCC (ANO) would be transferred from NCC Wing College only when there is another such trained officer or the replacement teacher is also similarly trained. Preferably, the NCC officer may be replaced by an NCC officer except on administrative grounds. It has also been noticed that CCL is being used as or tool by some teachers to get transferred from rural stations. Therefore, it has been decided that in case of teachers who proceed on CCL for more than 90 days, their lien would be shifted to the Headquarter and they would join at the same station, if vacancy is still there or at some other station which is rural, he added.
        He said that on first appointment, the employees would give five choices of preferred districts and the department would try to accommodate them in order of inter-se-seniority. However, they would have to serve at the allocated rural station for at least three years. This would be subject to the condition that they would not make any request for transfer if they are accommodated except in case of extreme and rare hardship in one of their five preferred districts.  The request for mutual transfer would also be submitted in the prescribed application proforma. However, such request would not be entertained in case both the applicants are posted at the stations within a radius of 25 km of each other. In case a transfer order is issued in violation of policy guidelines, the Additional Chief Secretary or Principal Secretary, Higher Education would be competent to rectify such transfer orders as are made in violation of the policy, if a representation is made by the affected employee within four weeks. It is reiterated that such representation should be received by the competent authority within four weeks from the concerned employee receiving his or her transfer orders and no representation would be entertained after the lapse of the stipulated period.
        He said that transfer of an employee during the academic year disturbs studies of the students. The transfers therefore will be made only in the interregnum period between the semesters except on administrative ground or circumstances causing rare hardship to the applicant. Normally, no request may be entertained of an employee if he or she is single faculty in the concerned subject in that college. In case of new Government College, the department would try to accommodate persons from the nearby colleges till new posts are sanctioned. It has been found that a large number of regular incumbents have been posted against work load which is far beyond the sanctioned posts in a particular subject in a college. In no case posts more than 30 per cent of the sanctioned posts will be filled by a regular incumbent against workload in that particular subject in a Government college. If there are l0 sanctioned posts in a subject in a college in that case not more than 13 regular incumbents can be posted against workload.
        The spokesman said that preferably female teachers should be posted in Girls' colleges and male teacher above the age of 50 years would be posted in Girls' Colleges. If available, female teachers would be preferred over male teachers. This would also be applicable to ministerial staff in girls’ colleges. In case of displacement or transfer of the following categories of Teachers, efforts would be made to adjust them within a radius of around 30 km from the desired place of posting in following order of preference. Blind (100%), Handicapped (70% or more), those suffering from serious ailments or diseases like cancer or whose wards are suffering from any chronic disease like Thelessemia. In case of medical ground, the certificates issued by All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, PGI, Chandigarh and Medical college, Rohtak and an approved hospital as approved by the Haryana Government would only be considered. Also,efforts would be made to adjust War Widow, Legal Divorce, wives of the serving soldiers in Armed forces and paramilitary forces and unmarried female teacher with dependant parents. If either of the spouses is in service of the Haryana State Government, then efforts would be made to the post them as near as possible to the place of posting of the spouse. Preference would be given to those, both of whom are serving in the Education Department. In this matter, the order of preference would be followed in case of clash of choice for a particular college by more than one employee. 
        He said that those who are retiring in next one year, would not be transferred except on administrative exigency. Female teachers, immediately after their marriage, can apply for a one-time transfer which would be allowed as per vacancy available after relaxing the condition of minimum five years stay. Transfers of officers holding administrative offices such as Principals, Joint Directors and Deputy Directors would not be covered under this Policy. The Principals would also submit their applications in prescribed proforma for transfer to Directorate or to other place. The transfers of ministerial staff would be covered under this Policy, he added.
        The spokesman said that no TA/DA would be given if the transfer is done at the request of employee himself or if he or she is being given choice posting. Transfer orders would be implemented within five working days after it is issued. DDOs would ensure relieving or joining of respective teachers within stipulated time. No salary can be drawn in case of non-compliance of transfer orders after stipulated period of one week. DDO would be personally held responsible for any neglect in this regard. In case of genuine hardship of rare cases to an employee, relaxation in policy can be made at the level of the Chief Minister, he added.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Additional charge for Dr BK Sinha

 Dr. B.K. Sinha, Special Director, State Vigilance Bureau, Haryana-cum-Director General, Bhondsi Complex  has been given the additional charge of Special Director, State Vigilance Bureau, Haryana Gurugram.
Meanwhile, the Haryana government has promoted two News Markers of Information, Public Relations and Languages Department to the post of Staff Reporters with immediate effect.
          These are Mr Vinod Kumar and Mrs Suman Gupta. Apart from this, Mr Bishamber, Assistant Machine Operator and Mr Inderjit Saini, Auditor of the department also attained super annuation.

Haryana poised to make cash-to-card switch

The momentous 2016 has bequeathed to the succeeding 2017 a legacy no other year did before in Haryana. Rich and replete with great future potential to ensure seamless growth, it has laid the road to a cashless, and comparatively, clean economy.
        The legacy seems to lend heft, purpose and potency to the drive to make Haryana don the mantle of being the first cashless state in the country, a vision nurtured by the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, and shared by his able ministerial and quick-footed bureaucratic team walking in lockstep with the former.
          Determined to move fast and forward on the road to becoming a cashless state, 2016 saw the BJP Government pull all stops, including incentivizing the cash-to-card switch with awards. Conscious and calibrated steps have been taken to promote cashless transactions through debit and credit cards, especially the RuPay card, and other modes of making digital payments.
        Digital transactions have been given a reward push both by the Centre and the state government. The Haryana Government gave Rs 5 up to December 15, 2016 as a token of appreciation to each person who got himself registered on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and other modes of cashless transactions. UPI is a quick and easy way to send and receive money using a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) without entering additional bank information and USSD, a Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication technology.
             The incentives at the state level came alongside similar initiatives taken by the Central Government. In a letter written to deputy commissioners, the NITI Aayog announced cash incentive of Rs 10 for every individual who makes two successful transactions by Unified Payment Interface (UPI), *99# Banking, Aadhaar enabled payments, e-Wallets or RuPay, debit and credit cards. The Aayog would transfer Rs 5 lakh each to all DCs for the purpose.
       The first 50 panchayats going cashless will be awarded Digital Payment Award of Honour by NITI Ayog which has formulated a scheme to support the efforts made by the state and  district administration as well as  panchayats to promote digital payments.
          Similarly, cash incentives of Rs 100 per trader and Rs 5 per individual have been announced by the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for enrolling on the digital payment system.
      Giving cashless transactions a decisive push, the Manohar Lal Government has decided to implement the Aaadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) which facilitates transactions without any card. Bankers have been asked to make available MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) devices and encourage traders to use the gadget for promoting cashless transactions. The MPOS devices are also being installed in government departments having receipt section.
The State Bank of India (SBI) had agreed to provide the facility of POS machines free of charge to the state government and its departments across the state. The transactions settled through POS terminals would be credited by SBI to the respective department's Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) bank accounts on T+ I basis (T denotes transaction day).
 The Chief Minister has asked bankers to expedite the distribution of RuPay Card to give impetus to the use of plastic money. Besides, banks have also been told to facilitate RTGS or NEFT through online portals for large value transactions to promote net banking.
More than 77 per cent beneficiaries have been Aaadhar-seeded and efforts are being made to cover the remaining. About 45 per cent Aaadhar cards have already been linked with bank accounts and process has been set in motion to link the remaining too.
An eight-member committee has been set up under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary for the promotion of digital payments. It would oversee implementation and resolve related policy issues. The Chief Minister has sent one administrative secretary to each district to promote cashless transactions.
Another committee of administrative secretaries has been set up to seek suggestions from all departments, and execute possible modules to realise the objective. All receipts and payments in government would be made totally cashless, and this practice shall also be gradually promoted in the society.
Conscious of the need to train the staff, a committee headed by administrative secretary has been set up to prepare the schedule for imparting training in digital banking and online transactions.
         All administrative secretaries have been directed to make available sufficient number of POS machines in a time-bound manner to promote digital transactions. Request has been received from eleven different departments for 1,627 POS machines, including 137 by Transport , 133 by Excise and Taxation Department, 111 by Higher Education and 110 by Public Health Engineering Department. Out of these, accounts have been opened and code generated for 252 machines.
          More than 21,000 people had registered on web portal A scheme has already been launched under which prizes, selected randomly by the computer, would be given to the citizens registering themselves and transacting proactively cashless transactions.
           Interestingly, the go-cashless tide has swept several departments and wings of the state government. Out to en-cash the go-cashless campaign, the Power, Higher Education, Police and Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Departments have drawn up plans to install POS machines and AEPS to encourage people to switch to mobile banking system.
          Not to be left behind, all colleges and universities in Haryana are gearing up to go cashless. Student volunteers are being enrolled to educate people about using digital payment systems. The state government has decided to open committed bank accounts of all government schools in the nearest bank branch for payment of fees. The nodal teacher in each school would download the e-wallet of the bank concerned. Parents or guardians of students would be motivated to utilise the e-wallet of the bank to pay the fees. With a view to preventing misuse, provision would be made so that cash could not be withdrawn from this account.
Making compounding of challans cashless, the Haryana Police have started the system of collecting the compounding fine on the offense of traffic violation through POS device. The POS devices would also be installed in tehsils.
Power utilities and municipal corporations shall encourage the people visiting their offices to conduct cashless transactions. All officers and employees will popularize the system of payment through mobile and make it a mass movement.
Given the spirit and zeal with which the Manohar Lal Government is giving the go-cashless drive momentum, Haryana seems set to realize the goal of wearing the hat of becoming the first cashless state in the country.

Cashless transactions training to 6.5 lakh students

With a view to promote cashless transactions in the State, the Haryana Government has decided to open committed bank accounts of all government schools in the nearest bank branch for payment of fees.
        This was disclosed by Additional Chief Secretary, School Education Department, Mr. P.K. Das while interacting with mediapersons here today.
        He said that nodal teacher in each school would download the e-wallet of the bank concerned. Parents or guardians of the students would be motivated to utilise the e-wallet of the same bank to pay the fees. With a view to prevent misuse, provision would be made so that cash could not be withdrawn from this account.
        Mr. Das said that about 6.5 lakh students of classes IX to X plus two in government schools would be imparted training for carrying out cashless transactions through smartphones and ordinary phones. He said that Assistant Manager of clusters comprising about eight schools would impart training to teachers for downloading digital payment applications and carrying out cashless transactions. These teachers would further impart training to students of classes IX to X plus two who would further teach their family members and neighbours, he added.

15 Haryana IAS officers promoted

The Haryana Government has promoted 15 IAS officers with effect from January 1, 2017.
          While stating this here today, an official spokesman said that Mr Arun Kumar Gupta has been promoted in the Higher Administrative Grade. He will continue to work on his present place of posting.
          Those who have promoted to the Super Time Scale are Mr Vikas Gupta, Mrs Amneet P. Kumar, Mr Praveen Kumar and Mr Pankaj Yadav.
          Mr Pankaj Yadav, at present on inter-cadre deputation to the State of Uttar Pradesh, has been given proforma promotion with effect from the date of promotion of his immediate junior Mrs. Amneet P. Kumar.
          Similarly, Mrs Ashima Brar, Mr A. Sreeniwas, Mr Shekhar Vidyarthi, Mr C.G. Rajni Kaanthan and Mr Phool Chand Meena have also been promoted in the Selection grade.
          Mr Chander Shekhar Khare, Mr Anshaj Singh, Mr Rajiv Rattan, Mr Nikhil Gajraj and Mr Rippudaman Singh Dhillon have been promoted in the Junior Administrative Grade.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Indian-born artist Pyx Smit eying filming in Hollywood

Indian-born artist Pyx Smit is now trying exploring in United States to work in Hollywood films. "You can never know when you see me filming in LA!. I am an actor by passion and like to work with professional producers and directors who respect each and every of this cast and crew. I will be doing a music video for an album of known pop singer of Hollywood from LA, shortly in Miami FL I have non singing role to shoot in January, 2017," said Mr Smit with confidence. Smit is now settled in Tampa (Florida) That's of Hollywood producer.
"I am post single, open and free to travel anywhere in the world for filming," said Mr Smit.
"I have upcoming in Hollywood FL and Miami FL. I completed my mech engineering from M S University of Baroda, Vadodara. Later I moved to Pune," disclosed the artist.
This year has played the principal role as father in a short film Veronica Fajardo, Hollywood, FL USA.
"I Hate Toronto" A Love Story; - 2011 is an IMDb Credit. He played the supporting role of the Cop in Feature Film by Grand Slam Pictures, Toronto Canada. His two other IMDb Credit feature films are Dowry; 2014 IMDb Credit by Inseyet Films, Mississauga Canada The Pandit, Supporting and Mumbai Chopra; 2014 IMDb Credit. Episodic, Misadventure of an IT girl by Natasha Chandel, Los Angeles USA The Cab Driver.
He speaks English, Hindi and Gujarati with East Indian accents. He possesses specials skills - Comedic Timing, USTA Tennis player, Professional Driver and Mechanical Engineer.
Mr Pyx Smit has been stage artist since his school years when he was in grade 7. The Pune artist played many dramas, stage performances then and continued in the University and even after until he got involved in business (Mechanical Engineering) and marriage.
Later after his divorce he attended Pune Film and Television Institute and did some plays in English too. Under some certain circumstance, he migrated to Toronto, Canada in 2002. There were not many choices for starting a new career in North America when he came in Canada. After long struggle with miscllenous jobs until 2006, he thought of exploring the acting career.
"So, I joined the Acting School in 2006 for six months and did refresher course for Acting in Films and modeling. Struggles continued and by the end of 2008 I got the first Film," said Mr Smit in a brief conversation with this correspondent at lunch at Taste of Punjab restaurant in Treasure Island, Florida.
Mr Smit got a good breakthrough as he got a role in 'Jonathan's Journey' in Toronto, for screening in Berlin Film Festival. The director came from Berlin to shoot the film .
"After getting breakthrough then I worked in dozen of Indie film projects with various directors in Canada, before moving to Tampa, USA. Recently I completed a short film 'Escape', filmed in Hollywood, FL," disclosed a confident the Indian born artist.
Three of his works have IMDb credits too. IMDb is the most authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content.
"I have had unsuccessful try with Indian films too, who came to shoot films in North America like Tasveer of Nagesh Kookunur in Calgary Canada, English Vinglish of Guari Shinde in New Jersey USA, No Problem of Anees Bazmee in Canada etc. However I did work with a brief role in Dowry of Jag Parmar of Canada, which was screened in Delhi Film Festival 2015 with a best NRI film award. Now I am exploring in USA and you can never know when you see me filming in LA!!! I am post single, open and free to travel anywhere in the world for filming," said Mr Smit
"I am an actor by passion and like to work with professional Producers and Directors who respect each and every of this cast and crew. I will be doing a music video shortly in Miami FL."
Mr Smit was born in a remote village of Goa and later shifted to Maharahstra and Gujarat.
His Films:Escape; 2016
Short Film by Veronica Fajardo, Hollywood, FL USA Father The Principle Role
Mumbai Chopra; 2014 IMDb Credit
Episodic, Misadventure of an IT girl by Natasha Chandel, Los Angeles USA The Cab Driver
Dowry; 2014 IMDb Credit
Feature Film by Inseyet Films, Mississauga Canada The Pandit, Supporting
Jury Duty; - 2013
Instructional Video-Canadian Law by RTA Productions, Toronto Canada The Juror, Supporting
Yakubu; - 2012
Feature Film by Echo from a Valley Inc., Hamilton Canada The School Principal, 3rd Lead
I Hate Toronto A Love Story; - 2011 IMDb Credit
Feature Film by Grand Slam Pictures, Toronto Canada - The Cop, Supporting
Just Another Dead Indian; - 2010
Feature Film by Thunderbolt Productions, Toronto Canada The Paramedic, Supporting
Water; - 2010
Feature Film by Ideal Productions, Brampton Canada The Security guard & Shooter, Dual Roles
Calvin Carrington; - 2009
Short Film by Raj Nandy Production, Toronto Canada The Obstetrician (Doctor), Supporting
Photos on Train; - 2009
Documentary Film by Kazik Radwanski Productions, Toronto Canada The Commuter, All Leads
Jonathan’s Journey; - 2008
Feature Film by Beble Productions, Berlin Germany, The Taxi Driver, 3rd Lead
CommercialNew Comers to Ontario; - 2011
Commercial by Creative Bube Tube, Milton Canada The Narrator, Lead for Language
Viaggio Mobility Scooter; - 2008
Infomercial by Direct Access Group, Toronto Canada The Scooter Rider
TRAINING: Audition Technique, Monologue and On Camera Scene Study By Julie Ann Kay
at Studio Showbiz Academy, Mississauga, ON Canada.
Demo reel:
Film trailer link:
Another film trailer link: .

Haryana to publish Gazettes entirely in online mode

The Haryana Government has decided to publish Gazettes entirely in online mode, besides digitising and uploading all old Gazettes from 1966 onwards in a searchable format and making them available online.
        Apart from this, in view of ongoing Swarna Jayanti Year celebrations in the State, calendars and diaries designed by Information, Public Relations and Languages Department and printed by Printing and Stationery Department, would be provided to all employees of the Haryana Government this year.
        This was disclosed by Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, who released the Calendar-2017 ahead of the New Year here today.
        Speaking on the occasion, Minister of State for Printing and Stationery (Independent Charge), Mr. Manish Kumar Grover, said that the department had walked the extra mile to provide facilities to the staff and officers.
          He said that the Department had got more than 1.28 lakh additional diaries printed for distribution amongst the Class III and IV employees. Earlier, only a small percentage of such employees were given diaries based on choice of Head of Department. However, as school teachers are provided a separate Teacher’s Diary, they would not be covered under this scheme. The diaries had been provided with a band to keep them secure. Cups with calendar printed on them have also been provided, he added.
          He expressed hope that these innovations would help the staff contribute towards the development of the State by utilising their time effectively.
          He said that the Department had got made a car stationery kit with all essential stationery, including sticky notes, highlighter, markers, stapler and clips. These would be made available in the cars of officers and Ministers, to enable them to work ‘while on the go’, he added.
FILLING UP POSTS OF PRINCIPALS: Haryana Higher Education Department has directed all the Presidents of Governing Bodies of government aided private colleges in the State to fill up the posts of Principal at the earliest.
          While stating this here today, an official spokesman said that permission to fill up teaching and non-teaching posts would not be granted without regular Principals, as Principal is an important member of the selection committee for the selection of teaching and non-teaching posts in private aided colleges.
          He said that directions have also been issued to send the demand for Departmental nominee for attending meetings of the Governing Bodies of private aided colleges, along with the agenda of the meeting, to the Directorate at least 15 days in advance. The agenda may also be sent through e-mail, he added.

466 delegates register for Pravasi Haryana Divas-2017

 As many as 466 delegates have so far registered for ‘Pravasi Haryana Divas-2017’ to be held at Gurugram on January 10 and 11, 2017, on the web portal created for this purpose. These include 298 foreign delegates.
        This was informed in a meeting to review the arrangements being made for Pravasi Haryana Divas-2017, held under the chairmanship of Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, here today. 
        Union Minister of State for Power, Mr. Piyush Goyal, and Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman, would be the Chief Guests at the cultural evening, whereas Union Minister of State for External Affairs, Gen. V.K. Singh, would be the Chief Guest at the closing ceremony. 
        It was informed that Mr. Gorav Aggarwal, Mr. Dut Attari and Mr. Jagmohan Jindal, who have adopted different villages of the State for undertaking development works, would speak on the occasion. They have adopted village Dangra, district Fatehabad, village Dhatrat, district Jind and village Sui, district Bhiwani, respectively.
        It was informed that two-day excursion programme ‘Haryana Darshan’ would be organised for delegates, who would also visit the National Youth Festival at Rohtak on January 12, 2017.     
Various prominent personalities such as cricketer, Mr. Kapil Dev, wrestlers, Mrs. Geeta Phogat, Mr. Khali, Mr. Yogeshwar Dutt, and Ms. Sakshi Malik, boxers, Mr. Vijender Singh, Mr. Jitender Kumar, and Mr. Akhil Kumar, and filmmakers would also be present on this occasion.
 ONLINE TRANSFERS: Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij said that now transfers of employees of Health Department would be made online only, and transfers would not be made in offline mode. The online transfer software has been prepared and its trial would soon be conducted.
        Mr. Vij was interacting with media persons here today. He said that the date of transfers would soon be announced. He said that the online transfers would be done in February and March.
        The Minister said that Health Cards would be made of all residents of the State and tenders in this regard have already been invited. He said that expression of interest had been invited from various companies for making health cards and a technical committee comprising HARTRON, has been constituted for its assessment. The work of making health cards would be started after completion of assessment, he added.

Centre to assist silk weaving units in Haryana

The Central Government would assist Haryana in developing silk weaving units in Panipat, Ambala, Sirsa and Panchkula. This assurance was given by the Union Textile Minister, Mrs Smriti Zubin Irani, who along with the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, laid the foundation stone of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Centre at Panchkula, near here, today.
          Mrs Irani said that both Central and state governments would make novel efforts in these four districts in the next one year. Describing textile as the second largest employment giving sector after agriculture, she said since the Haryana Government had received investment proposals worth Rs 7 lakh crore from prospective investors, the Central Government would give all kinds of support for execution of the agreements Haryana had entered into for development of textile industries.
          She congratulated the Chief Minister for fast-tracking execution of the NIFT project announced way back in 2011. It clearly indicates that the previous government only fooled the people with false announcements on projects without having any intention of setting them up. On the contrary, the present BJP Government at the Centre and in the state are implementing all the announcements made in the interest of the people.
          Taking a dig at the previous government, the Union Minister recalled how during a discussion at the national level about Haryana during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the name of a ‘Damaad Ji” cropped up in the context of corruption issues. Slamming the door shut on graft, Haryana has done a great job by securing rank among top five states in terms of the ease of doing business. She lauded the efforts made by the Chief Minister in bringing about transparency in the functioning of the government which was earlier shrouded in corruption.
          The NIFT Centre would be completed in two years and the students enrolled would get guidance from international experts as the Centre has agreement with 32 global institutes, she added.
          Speaking on this occasion, the Chief Minister said though land had been allotted, the NIFT Centre awaited completion due to disputes between leaders of the previous government. Now, we have decided to execute all pending works. Apart from NIFT, work has also been started on four-laning of the National Highway-73 and the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal expressway.
          Lashing out at the previous government which was steeped in corruption, Mr Manohar Lal said that everybody was involved in real estate deals. Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda, former Chief Minister, had   himself demanded in the Vidhan Sabha a probe into cases of land deals. Now that probe has been ordered, he has started crying proving the time-tested adage “A speck in the beard of a thief”, right. If he has not committed anything wrong, why he should be afraid of an inquiry, Mr Manohar Lal asked.
          The Chief Minister said he had made about 3,500 announcements during the last two years and work had been completed or was in progress on 1,200 announcements, and the remaining would be implemented in the next one year. The previous government, during its first five-year term, made only 3,400 announcements.
          He said the state government had also started many schemes for skilling the youth. This NIFT centre would cater to the needs of 230 students every year out of which 20 per cent seats would be reserved for the domiciles of Haryana. The Centre would provide diploma, degree and certificate courses.
          Haryana has become a preferred destination for investment among entrepreneurs due to various facilities provided by the government. The scope of textile industry in the state, especially in the Ambala, Panchkula, Panipat, Sirsa and Fatehabad districts, would be enhanced.
          The Technical Education Minister, Mr Ram Bilas Sharma, MP, Mr Ratan Lal Kataria, MLA Panchkula, Mr Gian Chand Gupta, and Director General NIFT, Ms Sharda Murlidharan, also spoke on this occasion.
         The Urban Local Bodies Minister, Mrs Kavita Jain, MLA Kalka Mrs Latika Sharma, Chairman, Haryana Housing Board, Mr Jawahar Yadav, Principal Secretary Technical Education, Mr Anil Malik, and other officers were also present on this occasion.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

CM inaugurates India's first DIATC at Gurugram

 Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal today inaugurated country’s first Digital Investigation, Training and Analysis Centre (DIATC) at Gurugram. The Centre would enhance technological capabilities of the police in solving cyber crime cases.
        Giving information about the newly inaugurated DITAC, Director General of Police, Dr. K.P. Singh said that the Centre, which is first of its kind, has been set up in collaboration with National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) of Government of India. He said that the Centre has State-of-the-art Cyber Forensic Laboratory equipped with high-end tools and also have high-tech training facility at the premises of Haryana Police for advance level training of police officers not only of Haryana Police, but also from other state police forces. Apart from this, the Centre has Social Media Monitoring Lab for enhancing technological capabilities of Haryana Police.
        Dr. Singh said that the DITAC is equipped with highly sophisticated tools and software for enhancing technological capabilities of social media monitoring and investigation skills. He said that social media laboratory at this centre would keep tab on sensitive and provocative content on social sites to check any negative fallout on law and order and crime. Apart from this, this Centre would also be useful in application of investigation and analysis techniques to gather and preserve evidence from a particular computing device or mobile phones. Technical experts of NTRO would also extend their support in providing training and smooth functioning of the lab, he added.

Haryana signs MoU with AP to prepare integrated SRDB

The Haryana Government today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with state of Andhra Pradesh to prepare integrated State Resident Data Base (SRDB) of citizens in the state.
          The MoU was signed by Haryana Principal Secretary, Information Technology Mr Devender Singh and Secretary Andhra Pradesh, Information Technology, Mr Vijayen in the presence Haryana Chief Minister Mr Manohar Lal and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr Chandra Babu Naidu in New Delhi today.
          While giving information about the SRDB, Haryana Chief Secretary Mr D. S. Dhesi said that State government is preparing its SRDB with the objective to get an authentic data of population of the state so that the benefit of schemes of various departments could be provided to the eligible beneficiaries. He said that a G2G MoU is exchanged between both the states. With a view to realize the vision of SRDB, database of state residents based on e-KYC through online digital survey would be prepared. The state government is moving in this direction under the able leadership of Chief Minister Mr Manohar Lal.
          He said that the data to be collected with this survey would be linked with data of various departments. This data would serve as master data for the citizens of the state and various departments. The people of the state could get efficient and effective services with this database.  Apart from this, the database would also help in effective implementation of various programmes of the government and preparedness of schemes in future. The SRBD work would be completed in a time bound manner, he added.
          The others present on this occasion included Additional Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Dr. Rakesh Gupta, Managing Director HARTRON Mr A.Shreeniwas and officers of the Andhra Pradesh government.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

'Dangal' movie tax-free in Haryana

The Haryana Government has made 'Dangal' movie tax-free in the state. The exemption has been given keeping in view the promotion of Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao programme,and wrestling in the movie.
This was announced by the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, while addressing a public meeting at Garhi-Sampla near Rohtak today. He said that the state government was also working to promote Haryanvi films. Recently, a meeting was held with cinema operators of the state in this connection. The government would launch its film policy very soon to promote Haryanvi and other films, he added.

First demanded investigation in Wadra land deals, now Hooda terming it as a "political vendetta"

The Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, today said that Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda, former Chief Minister, had himself made the demand in the Vidhan Sabha that cases of the Robert Wadra land deals be investigated. But now that the probe has been initiated, he has started crying 'it is political vendetta.'
"By saying so, Mr Hooda is proving the saying "a speck in the beard of a thief" right. If he has not committed anything wrong, why he should be afraid of any inquiry? The truth will come out after theinvestigations which are under way," he said while addressing a well attended public meeting at Sampla near Rohtak, today.
The Chief Minister said his government had taken notable initiatives to root out corruption at different levels during the last 26-month period. "The fourth floor of the Haryana Civil Secretariat had come to be known as a den of middlemen out to secure transfers, change of land use and grant of licences. But, now this trend has been reversed", he added.
The powers to grant CLU rested with the Director, Town and Country Planning Department, until 1991. These were later taken by the Chief Ministers. But in larger public interest, we have given these powers back to the Director, he added.
The Chief Minister said that the business of employees' transfer had also been curbed by his government. More than 40,000 teachers have been transferred in a fair manner with a single click of the mouse in which 93 per cent teachers got the place of their choice. Online facility for grant of CLU has been started for schools, petrol pumps and social organizations.
Further taking a dig at former chief ministers, Mr Manohar Lal said they had worked for their respective areas or families during the last 48 years. Whether they did or not, but became infamous for their deeds. Mr Hooda misled the people by promising to make Garhi-Sampla-Kiloi a "Paris" during his 10-year rule. "But I am told that even today the people of the area are deprived of development," the Chief Minister said.
While the previous government had made appointments on 33,500 posts, the present government has taken the test for filling 31,000 posts in just two years. Advertisement for 1,200 posts of police, home guard and jail wardens would be released shortly.
The previous government had announced to upgrade Sampla to sub- division level just to gain political mileage, but never posted an SDM. Amidst thunderous applause, the Chief Minister announced to post HCS officers Mr Tarun Pawaria as SDM Sampla. He also listed various initiatives taken by his government, including CM Window, employment opportunities through industrial development, skill development and others.
Speaking on the occasion, the Union Steel Minister, Ch. Birender Singh, hailed the working style of the Chief Minister and added the former chief minister had misled the people on various counts. The Finance Minister, Capt. Abhimanyu, demanded that Bhakhra Nagal Dam Canal should be named after Rahbare Azam Ch. Chotu Ram which would be a true tribute to the messiah of farmers.
The Education Minister, Mr Ram Bilas Sharma, Agriculture Minister Mr O.P. Dhankar, Transport Minister Mr Krishan Lal Panwar, Minister of State for Cooperation, Mr Manish Kumar Grover, Minister of State for Public Health Engineering Mr Banwari Lal, CPS Mr Shyam Singh Rana and MLA Mr Naresh Kaushik also spoke on this occasion.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Chandigarh MC elections results reflect mood of people: Haryana CM

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal  has said that the massive mandate given to the BJP in the  Chandigarh Municipal Corporation elections reflects the mood of the people in the country, especially in Haryana.
          Congratulating the newly elected Councillors of Chandigarh MC here today, the Chief Minister said, "Chandigarh is a well known place and the capital of Haryana where a clear mandate to BJP in MC polls undoubtedly shows that the people have given mandate in support of demonetization of old currency of high denomination. Maybe, initially some difficulty is faced by the people on this account but demonetization move would benefit all", he added.
          The Chief Minister recalled that Chandigarh unit of BJP had received similar mandate in the MC elections by winning 15 out of the 20 wards in 1996. The BJP had also formed government in alliance under the leadership of the former the Chief Minister, Mr Bansi Lal, in Haryana. At that time, the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, was in charge and he (Manohar Lal) was organizing secretary in Haryana.
          Mr Sanjay Tandon, President, Chandigarh unit of BJP, Mr Satpal Jain, former MP, Mr Hans Raj Hans, renowned Punjabi singer and BJP leader, newly elected councillors and other prominent people were also present on this occasion.
 FOUNDATION STONE OF NIFT:  Union Minister of Textiles Mrs. Smriti Zubin Irani and Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal would lay the foundation stone of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Sector 23, Panchkula on December 29, 2016.
          Technical Education Minister, Mr. Ram Bilas Sharma, Member of Parliament, Mr. Rattan Lal Kataria, Member of Legislative Assembly, Mr. Gian Chand Gupta, and Principal Secretary, Technical Education Department, Mr. Anil Malik, would speak on the occasion.
        Apart from this, Union Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley would inaugurate the Professional Officer Training Programme being organised for trainee officers of 68th batch of Indian Revenue Services (Custom and Central Excise), at NACEN Complex in Faridabad on December 26.
APPOINTMENT OF 240 PRINCIPALS: The Haryana Education Department would soon appoint Principals of 240 schools in the State.
        While stating this here today, Additional Chief Secretary, School Education Department, Mr. P.K. Das, said that Finance Department had sanctioned creation of posts in these schools, which were upgraded in 2014.
        He said that Principals could not be appointed as posts were not created in these schools at the time of upgradation. However, with the Finance Department’s sanction, the appointments would soon be made.
        He said that 600 posts of Principal were lying vacant in the Department, which were filled through promotions of school head master and Post Graduate Teacher (PGT). He said that while some people had raised objection over seniority list of PGT, the seniority list was now being given final form after scrutiny as per the orders of Punjab and Haryana High Court. These posts would soon be filled through promotion of eligible candidates according to prescribed criteria, he added.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Seeded players have smooth sailing in first round of Chitkara International School FIDE Rating Chess

Gusain Himal (Chandigarh), Singh Arvinder Preet (Railways), Tarini Goyal (Chd), Vinay Raj Bhatt (Uttra), Rawat R.S.(Uttrakhand), Ashutosh Kumar (Bih), Sumit Grover (J&K), Dave Kantilal (Raj), Sandeep Chitkara (Del) and Akshay Anand (Punjab) were among those who won their first round matches in the 2nd Chitkara International School FIDE Rating Chess Championship at Chitkara International School Sector 25 (West) here today.
Most of the seeded players have won their first round games comfortably. The tournament has been organised by Chandigarh Chess Academy in collaboration with Chitkara International School, Chandigarh.
Chitkara International School Principal Dr. Niyati Chitkara was the chief guest at the opening ceremony. She inaugurated the tournament by making a chess move on the top board.The tournament is recognised by All India Chess Federation and the FIDE (World Chess Federation) and would be held from 21st to 25th December 21 to 25 and the prize money is Rs. 5 lakh
A tremendous response in the number of chess players who came to participate in this mega event was witnessed on the opening day. The total number of chess players participating in this mega event is 287. Players from 14 states have come to participate in this tournament. From amongst these 150 players are International FIDE Rated Players
The following players also won their round matches and garnered one point apiece:
Devansh Ratti (Mah), Sharma Pankaj (Pun), Kapoor Lalit, Shubham Lakudkar (Mah), Sachin Malik (Del), Joshi Tejas, Apoorv Anand (Pun), Sushant Manuja (Pun), Haribabu Sharma (UP), Saurabh Lokhande (Mah), Aryan (Del), Ajit Singh (J&K), Vikramaditya Mukhija (Raj), Hend Pravin (Mah), Jaspreet Singh (Pun), Manish Anto Cristiano F (TN), Parmod Kharbash (Har), Katiyar Prashant (UP), Ishaan Bansal (Pun), Anirban Basu (WB), Jaskeerat Singh (Chd), Shami Vipin K., Mayur S Shelke (Mah), Punit Indora (Har), Ashutosh Kumar (Pun), Dr.Somnath Narang, Maxim Singh (J&K), Goyal Arunima (Chd), Mehak Jain (Del), Hitesh Issar, Raghav Nohria (Pun), Narendra Singh (Uttra), Prateek Wadhwa (Chd), Rishabh Jain (Del), Nakul Chaudhary (UP), Mumukshu Mittal (Pun), Man Mohan Sharma (UP), Suhaib Ahmad (UP), Gaurav Sharma (UP), Hariom Solanki (UP), Aditya Mittal (Har), Anubhav Tuknayat (Chd), Sudipta Chakraborty (Kol), Vasuki G Krishna (Kar), Waikar Varun, Awasthi Balgovind (UP), Udit Raj Saxena (UP), Samarth Mittal (Har), Devang Singla, Raj Prakhar (Har), Rohit Roy Chaudhary (Chd), Raghav Bansal (Pun), Nagpal Tejas (Chd), Kant Swapnil (Mah), Soumiljit Singh Gill (Chd), Abhinav Bansal (Chd), Aryandeep Singh Gill (Chd), Uddin Imran (UP), Kuljeet Singh Khurana (Chd), Shweta (Pun), Arjun Bhaskar (Pun), Prathivya Gupta (Del), Nagarjun Ghatti, Sharma Vaibhav (UP), Rajendra Singh Rana (Uttra), Garv Gaur (Har), Gaumit Kauts (Pun), Harsh Singh Senger (Har), Bipin Dhingra (Pun), Shubham (Chd), Varun Gupta (Chd), Yogender (Del), Rambabu Sachan (UP), Manjot Singh Gill (Pun), Manjeet Singh (Pun), Kashish Kaushal (Chd), Yasar Abdullah (HP), Pawan Kaushik (Har), Armaan Dharni (Chd), Rajat Soni (HP), Gupta Rishav (Pun), Naik Shriram (Pun), Ankit Naudiyal , Akhil Chaudhary, Chetan Sharma (Uttra), Anhat Singh (Chd), Avi Walia (Har), Manav Gupta (Chd), Krishnam Trikha (Pun), Tanveer Monga (Pun), Hritik Gupta (Chd), Hemant Kumar Pande (Uttra), Lohia Rajat (Pun), Yashasvi Gupta (Raj), Shishir Lamba (Chd), Rishi Sanotra (Pun), Bhavya Batra (Chd), Upansu Baruah (Uttra), Gupta Esh (Chd), Kushagra Gupta (Har), Nabh Manchanda (Chd), Tiya Setia, Shivom Sood (Chd), Rohan Gupta (Chd), Sarthak Mittal (Har), Ashlee John (UP), Bhupinder Narang (Pun), Himanshu Garg (Har), Karandeep Singh (Pun), Makul Singal (Pun), Manish Mandal (Chd), Navkaran Handa (Pun), Sankit Swami (Har), Shaurya Bisht, T R Morya (UP), Tanvir Singh (Pun), Yaksh Aggarwal (Pun), Shubham Kaushik (Har), Soham Kamotra (J&K), Pawar Harshit (Del), Arnav Kushwaha (Chd), Yastika Handa (Pun).

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Haryana to issue petro cards to its driverwss

The Haryana Government has issued petro cards to its drivers for cashless payments for fuel. Two oil companies, namely Indian Oil and Bharat Petroleum have been shortlisted for this purpose.
          While stating this here today, an official spokesman said that efforts were being made to promote cashless transaction in the State. As per the directions, banks have organized camps in their branches at many locations to educate the citizens about digital payments. Till date, 932 such camps have been organized in 4648 bank branches where 21083 persons participated. Apart from this, training was also imparted to 803 employees of 30 government departments.
          He said that similarly, five teams having two members each were formed to impart training to employees of state government departments or organisations to use various cashless modes for educating general public for the same. Training schedules were prepared and training has already been imparted to employees of 45 departments.
          The spokesman said that as the State Bank of India agreed to install 3000 Point of Sale (POS) Machines at various state government offices across the state without any charges. He said that the government has also announced prizes on daily basis for the citizens who would be registering and transacting proactively towards cashless transactions. A scheme has already been launched to give away five prizes of Rs 10,000 each, ten prizes of Rs 5,000 each and 50 prizes of Rs 1,000 each on daily basis till December 31,2016.
MONTHLY MEETING:  Haryana Chief Secretary Mr D. S. Dhesi will preside over the second monthly meeting of all Administrative Secretaries to discuss various important issues on December 22, 2016. The meeting will be held in the main Committee Room of Haryana Civil Secretariat.
RAJ PAL NASA PROMOTED:  Haryana Government has promoted Senior Secretary to Minister of Haryana Civil Secretariat, Mr. Raj Pal Nasa, as Special Senior Secretary to Minister (HSS Group-A).
WINTER HOLIDAYS IN SCHOOLS:  Haryana Government has declared 15 days’ winter holidays in all schools in the State from December 25, 2016 to January 8, 2017.
CLARIFICATION ON D.A: Haryana Finance Department has clarified that the payment of arrear of Dearness Allowance at the rate of two per cent on revised emoluments for the months from July 1 to October 31, 2016 would be made in cash in the month of January

15 IPS and four HPS officers transferred in Haryana

The Haryana Government has issued transfer and posting orders of 15 IPS and four HPS officers with immediate effect.
          Sibash Kabiraj, Deputy Inspector General, Haryana Armed Police, Madhuban has been given additional charge of Joint Commissioner of Police, Gurugram, relieving Y. Puran Kumar.
          Rajshree Singh, Deputy Inspector General, State Crime Branch, Gurugram has been given additional charge of Joint Commissioner of Police, Faridabad against a vacant post.
          Y. Puran Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Police, Gurugram has been posted as Deputy Inspector General, Administration against a vacant post.
          Rakesh Kumar Arya, Superintendent of Police, Rohtak with additional charge of Superintendent of Police, Telecom (H) has been posted as Superintendent of Police, CID with additional charge of Superintendent of Police, Telecom (H).
          B. Satheesh Balan, ADC to Governor has been posted as Superintendent of Police, Yamunanagar, vice Maneesh Chaudhary.
          Maneesh Chaudhary, Superintendent of Police, Yamunanagar has been posted as Superintendent of Police, Security, CID,
          Pankaj Nain, Superintendent of Police, Karnal has been posted as Superintendent of Police, Rohtak, vice Rakesh Kumar Arya.
          Simardeep Singh, Superintendent of Police, Kurukshetra has been posted as Deputy Commissioner of Police, Headquarter Gurugram, vice Ashok Bakshi, HPS.
          Abhishek Garg, Superintendent of Police, CID has been posted as Superintendent of Police, Kurukshetra, vice Simardeep Singh.
          Rahul Sharma, Superintendent of Police, Palwal has been posted as Superintendent of Police, Panipat, vice Rajesh Duggal, HPS.
          Sulochana Kumari, Deputy Commissioner of Police, South Gurugram has been posted as Superintendent of Police, Palwal, vice Rahul Sharma, IPS.
          Jashandeep Singh Randhawa, Superintendent of Police, Jhajjar has been posted as Superintendent of Police, Karnal, vice Pankaj Nain, IPS.
          Waseem Akram, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Narwana has been posted as ADC to Governor, vice B. Satheesh Balan.
          Lokender Singh, on completion of second phase of training, has been posted as Assistant Superintendent of Police, Headquarter Jind.
          Nitika Gahlaut, on completion of second phase of training, has been posted as Assistant Superintendent of Police, Headquarter Ambala.
          Among the HPS officers, Rajesh Duggal, Superintendent of Police, Panipat has been posted as Superintendent of Police, Police Headquarter.
          Sunil Kumar Dalal, Commandant, 3rd Indian Reserve Battalion, Sunaria has been posted as Superintendent of Police, Dadri against a newly created post.
          Rajesh Kalia, Superintendent of Police, Security, CID has been posted as Superintendent of Police, Jhajjar, vice Jashandeep Singh Randhawa.
          Ashok Bakshi, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Headquarter Gurugram has been posted as Deputy Commissioner of Police, South Gurugram, vice Sulochana Kumari.