Wednesday, November 12, 2014

26 IAS officers transfered in Haryana

The Haryana Government has issued posting and transfer orders of 26 IAS officers with immediate effect.    
Name & Designation
Posted/transferred as
Sh.Rajan Kumar Gupta, IAS (HY:83),Additional Chief Secretary Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Finance & Planning Departments
i)Additional Chief Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Power
ii) Renewable Energy Departments
i)Vice Sh. Devender Singh, IAS (HY:87)
ii)Vice Sh. S.N.Roy,
IAS (HY:87)
Smt.Navraj Sandhu, IAS (HY:84),Additional Chief  Secretary to Govt. Haryana,  Health Department.
Addl. Chief Secretary to Government, Haryana, Development & Panchayats Department.
Vice Sh. Ram Niwas, IAS (HY:85)
Sh. Roshan Lal, IAS (HY:84),
Additional Chief Secretary to Govt, Haryana, Home, Jails, Criminal Investigation and Administration of Justice and Agriculture Department.
i)Additional Chief  Secretary to Govt., Haryana,  Excise & Taxation
ii) Mines & Geology Departments.
i)Vice Sh. Hardeep Kumar,IAS (HY:84)
ii)Against a vacant post.
Sh. S.S.Dhillon, IAS (HY:84)
(Awaiting order of posting)
Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Tourism and  Archaeology & Museums Departments.
Vice Sh. Vijai Vardhan, IAS (HY:85)
Sh.Hardeep Kumar, IAS (HY:84),Additional Chief  Secretary to Govt., Haryana,  Excise & Taxation and Food & Supplies Departments
Additional Chief  Secretary to Govt., Haryana, PW (B&R) and Architecture Departments.
Against vacant posts.
Sh.S.S.Prasad, IAS (HY:84), Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Higher Education,  Archives and Printing & Stationery Departments
i)Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Food & Supplies ii)Industrial Training Departments.
i)Vice Sh. Hardeep Kumar, IAS (HY:84)
ii)Vice Sh. Avtar Singh, IAS (HY:87)
Sh.R.P.Chander, IAS (HY:84), Additional Chief Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Animal Husbandry & Dairying  and Labour & Employment Departments.
i)Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Medical Education & Research
ii)Women & Child Development Departments.
i)Vice Smt. Dheera Khandelwal, IAS (HY:86)
ii)Vice Smt. Shashi Bala Gulati, IAS (HY:86)
Sh. S.K.Gulati, IAS (HY:84)
(on return from Central Deputation)
i)Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. Haryana,  Social Justice & Empowerment
ii) Welfare of Schedules Castes & Backward Classes Departments.
i)Vice Sh. P.K.Das, IAS (HY:86)
ii)Vice Sh. R.R.Jowel, IAS (HY:86)
Sh.Ram Niwas, IAS (HY:85)
Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Haryana , Development & Panchayats and Housing Departments, Secretary, BAC and Commissioner, Gurdwara Elections, Haryana.
Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Health Department.
Vice Smt. Navraj Sandhu, IAS (HY:84)

Sh.P.Raghavendra Rao, IAS (HY:85), Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Haryana,  Urban Local Bodies Department.

i)Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. Haryana,Town & Country Planning & Urban Estates
ii) Housing Departments.
i)Vice Sh.T.C.Gupta, IAS(HY:87)
ii)Vice Sh. Ram Niwas, IAS (HY:85)

Sh. P.K.Mahapatra, IAS (HY:85), Principal Resident Commissioner, Haryana Bhawan, New Delhi and Chief Administrator, TFAH.

i)Additional Chief Secretary to Govt, Haryana, Home, Jails, Criminal Investigation and Administration of Justice Department 
ii)Principal Resident Commissioner, Haryana Bhawan, New Delhi and Chief Adminisrator, TFAH.
i)Vice Sh. Roshan Lal, IAS (HY:84)
ii)    -------
Sh.K. K. Khandelwal, IAS (HY:85),Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Haryana, Information, Public Relations and Language and Irrigation Departments
Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Haryana, Sports and Youth Affairs Department.
Vice Sh. Amit Jha, IAS (HY:87)
Sh.Dhanpat Singh, IASHY:85),Additioinal Chief Secretary to Government, Haryana, Technical Education Department,  Nodal Officer for monitoring the CM’s announcements and  Monitoring & Coordination.
Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Haryana, Agriculture Department.
Vice Sh. Roshan Lal, IAS (HY:84)
Sh.Vijai Vardhan, IAS(HY:85), Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Tourism, Archaeology & Museums and Cultural Affairs Departments.
i)Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Haryana, Higher Education,Archives and Printing & Stationery
ii)Cultural Affairs Departments.
i)Vice Sh. S.S.Prasad, IAS (HY:84)
ii)    -------
Sh.Sanjeev Kaushal,IAS (HY:86), Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Haryana.
Principal Secretary to Govt.,Haryana, Information, Public Relations and Language Department, in addition to his present duties.
Vice Sh. K.K. Khandelwal, IAS (HY:85)
Principal Secretary to Govt. Haryana,  Social Justice & Empowerment Department.
Principal Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Finance & Planning Departments
Vice Sh. Rajan Kumar Gupta, IAS (HY:83)
Smt.Shashi Bala Gulati, IAS(HY:86), Principal Secretary to Govt, Haryana, Women & Child Development Department.
Principal Secretary to Govt, Haryana, Labour and Employment Department.
Vice Sh.R.P.Chander, IAS (HY:84)
Sh.Alok Nigam,IAS (HY:86),
Principal Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Cooperation Department.
i)Principal Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Public Health Engineering
ii) Cooperation Departments
 (till further orders)
i)Vice Sh. Mahavir Singh, IAS (HY:89)
ii)       ---------
Sh.R.R.Jowel,IAS(HY:86), Principal Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Transport & Civil Aviation  and  Welfare of Schedules Castes & Backward Classes Departments.
Principal Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Irrigation Department.
Vice Sh. K.K. Khandelwal, IAS (HY:85)
Smt.Dheera Khandelwal, IAS(HY:86), Principal Secretary to Government, Haryana, Medical Education & Research and Science and Technology  Departments.
Principal Secretary to Government, Haryana, Technical Education Department.
Vice Sh. Dhanpat Singh, IAS (HY:85)
Sh.Devender Singh,IAS (HY:87), Principal Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Power Department and  Chief Coordinator, Investment Promotion Centre,New Delhi
Principal Secretary to Government, Haryana, Industries & Commerce and Electronics & Information Technology Departments.
Against vacant posts.
Sh.T.C.Gupta,IAS (HY:87),
Principal Secretary to Govt., Haryana,Town & Country Planning and Urban Estates and Forests & Wild Life Departments.
Principal Secretary to Govt., Haryana, School Education Department.
Against a vacant post.
Sh.Amit Jha,IAS (HY:87),
Principal Secretary to Govt.,Haryana, Sports & Youth Affairs and Fisheries Departments.
Principal Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Forests and Wild Life Department.
Vice Sh. T.C.Gupta, IAS(HY:87)
Principal Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Renewable Energy Department
i)Principal Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Urban Local Bodies
ii) Science & Technology Departments.
i)Vice Sh. P. Raghavendra Rao, IAS (HY:85)
ii)Vice Smt. Dheera Khandelwal, IAS (HY:86)
Sh.Avtar Singh,IAS (HY:87),
Principal Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Industrial Training Department.
i)Principal Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Transport & Civil Aviation
ii)Environment Departments.
i)Vice Sh.R.R.Jowel, IAS (HY:86)
ii)Vice Sh. Mahavir Singh, IAS (HY:89)
Sh.Mahavir Singh, IAS, (HY:89),Principal Secretary to Government, Haryana, Environment  and Public Health Engineering Departments.
i)Principal Secretary to Government, Haryana, Animal Husbandry & Dairying
ii) Fisheries Departments.
i)Vice Sh.R.P. Chander, IAS (HY:84)
ii)Vice Sh.Amit Jha, IAS (HY:87)

HBSE to declare D Ed results on Nov 13

 Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) will declare the results of D.Ed second and fourth semester (all subjects) and first, second, third and fourth semester (re-appear) examinations which was conducted by the Board in the month of July 2014 on November 13.
          While giving this information today, a spokesman of the Board said that result would be uploaded on the website Board
          The spokesman said that the performance sheets  of these examinations and the envelop of re-appear candidates on the basis of results would be distributed in the office of concerned District Education Office and all the concerned branches from 12 noon to 5 pm on November 13 and from 10 am to 5 pm on November 14.
          He said that the last date of submission of application form of re-appear candidates of D.Ed first, second, third and fourth semester has been fixed as 28 November without any late fee and December 5 with late fee of Rs 100 per candidate, December 12 with late fee of Rs 300 per candidate and December 19 with late fee of Rs1000 per candidate.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Vij's for Yoga and Naturopathy centre in Panchkula

Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij has requested the Union Government to open one regional centre for Yoga and Naturopathy at Panchkula for which 12 acres of land is available. He
has also sought appointment of one AYUSH doctor at every Urban Health
Centre under the National Health Mission.
Speaking at the World Ayurveda Congress in New Delhi today, Mr Vij said that AYUSH doctors should be regularly trained so that they could keep themselves abreast with the latest research. This is vital as many programmes are being run by the Union Health Department like anaemia control, Rashtriya Bal Suraksha Yojana, Janani Suraksha
Yojana and others.
In view of the growing acceptance of the Ayurvedic system among the urban people, he said that AYUSH ward and therapy centre should be opened in every district hospital.
The Health Minister said that success achieved in the treatment of diseases by Ayurveda should be publicized. Inter-linkage and cross referral between AYUSH and Allopathy system should be encouraged and national and regional AYUSH centres should be opened.

Register complaint on CM's Grievances Window

If you face any problem, or have any complaint, register them on the Chief Minister’s Grievances Window which would be opened soon at the secretariat in each district for instant action. You can look forward to an SMS or call on the action taken.
This assurance was held out by the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal Khattar, while speaking at the ‘Khula Darbar’, held in Karnal, today. It attracted lots of people having problems and wanting to be heard.
Giving them a patient hearing, Mr Khattar asked the complainants to mention their cell number also so that they could be informed through SMS or over the phone about the action taken on their complaint. "All complaints will be processed instantly. Every day, I will myself review the action taken on the complaints by the deputy commissioners", the Chief Minister said.
Mr Khattar said that appropriate steps would be taken to tackle the problem of unemployment in the state. Employment will be provided to those qualified on the basis of merit. Appropriate action will be taken to root out the problem of unemployment from the state and jobs would be provided to qualified persons on the basis of merit.
While redressing the complaints related to the Electricity Department, the Chief Minister urged the people to pay their bills on time. He asked them to settle such issues as could be solved by mutual dialogue instead of going to the courts in order to save time and money.
Taking note of the problems shared at the ‘Khula Darbar’, Mr Khattar directed the officers to immediately solve them.
The Guardian Integration Association requested the chief minister to take appropriate steps against private schools arbitrarily hiking school fees to exploit the common man. Mr Khattar assured them that immediate steps would be taken in the matter.
Regarding the demands put up by Haryana Viklang Kalyan Samiti, he said that the government would solve the problem on a priority basis. It has been decided to increase the pension from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200 with a hike of Rs 200 every year.
He announced that Karantal would be developed as a tourist hub of international standard. Construction work of the Kalpana Chawla Medical College would be given top priority and the college would be provided with all basic facilities.
"Our first priority is to make Haryana a corruption-free state. It is the foremost duty of public servants to provide timely services to the people. The officers would have to work for the people with the spirit of service and the administration would have to maintain transparency in its functioning," he said. The Chief Minister asked officers to
ensure that the complaints of people were redressed in a time-bound manner.
Referring to the cleanliness drive initiated by the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, he urged officers and NGOs to take active participation in this drive and asked them to continue with the cleanliness drive which was initially launched on November 1 for one week so that "cleanliness becomes a habit with everyone."

19 IPS officers transferred in Haryana

The Haryana Government has issued posting and transfer orders of 19 IPS Officers with immediate effect. Parminder Rai, DG, SVB and Y.P. Singal, IPS, DG, Prisons will swap their places of postings.
Mohinder Lal, DGP, OSD Rules will be DG, Human Rights & Litigation against a vacant post. A.K. Dhul, awaiting posting becomes DGP, Modernization in place of Dr. R.P. Singh, who goes as DGP, OSD Rules.
K.K. Sindhu, ADGP, SVB Gurgaon will also look after the work of Director, SCRB Madhuban relieving S.S.Deswal, DGP,Crime of the said charge.
Alok Kumar Roy, IGP, State Crime will be new IGP, Rohtak Range relieving Anil Rao, IGP, Crime of the said charge.
Rajbir Singh Deswal, IGP, Karnal Range becomes IG, Haryana Police Academy, Madhuban.
O.P. Singh, IGP, Modernization CP, Ambala-Panchkula and Ajay Singhal, CP, Ambala- Panchkula, IGP, Modernization will swap their places of posting.
Alok Mittal, CP, Gurgaon has been posted as IGP, Law & Order. A.S. Chawla, CP, Faridabad goes as IGP, SVB. Anil Kumar Rao, IGP, Crime becomes IGP, Hisar Range.
Dr. C.S.Rao, awaiting posting on repatriation from central deputation has been posted as IGP, PTC Sunaria in place of Subhash Yadav who goes as CP, Faridabad.
Charu Bali, IGP, CID becomes IGP, Telecom relieving Sh.Sat Parkash Ranga, IPS, IGP, CID of the said charge.
Mamta Singh, IGP, RTC Bhondsi with additional Charge of IGP, L&O-II becomes IGP, South Range, Rewari against vacancy.
Hanif Qureshi, IGP, Hisar Range will be new IGP, Karnal Range. Hardeep Singh Doon, DIG, CID has been posted as DIG, SCB.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Newly elected MLAs to domnate first salary for J-K Relief Fund

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal today said that all the newly elected MLAs will donate their first salary towards Jammu and Kashmir Relief Fund after keeping Rs. one with them. 
The Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, who is also the Leader of the House, laid this proposal while paying tributes to those who  lost their lives in flash floods in Jammu and Kashmir in September 2014 on the second day of the first Vidhan Sabha session of the newly elected Government here today. His proposal was supported by the  entire House.
Mr Manohar Lal also paid tributes to former members of Haryana Vidhan Sabha including Mr Jaipal Singh Arya and Mr Ramji Lal, freedom fighters, martyrs of Haryana and close relatives of members of Haryana Vidhan Sabha and other dignitaries who have expired between the period from the end of the previous session and the beginning of the ongoing session which commenced yesterday.
Speaker Haryana Vidhan Sabha Kanwar Pal Gujjar and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mr.Ram Bilas Sharma also paid rich tribute to the departed souls.
         The former Chief Minister, Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda on behalf of Congress Party and Mr. Abhay Chautala on behalf of INLD also read obituary resolutions.
Tributes were also paid to six freedom fighters of Haryana including Mr.Shyam Singh of village Brara, district Ambala, Mr.Ajmer Singh of village Kheri Dabdalan, district Kurukshetra, Mr.Deva Singh of village Haripur, district Kurukshetra, Mr.Harnath of village Badrai, district Bhiwani, Rao Tarachand of village Ram Singh Ki Dhani, village Gurgaon and Mr.Jhundaram of village Ladain, district Jhajjar.
The House also paid homage to 18 martyrs of Haryana who have made supreme sacrifices of their lives while safeguarding and protecting the unity and integrity of the motherland. They included Captain Nimit Arya of district Yamunanagar, Naib Subedar Rohtash Yadav of village Bashirpur, district Mahendragarh, Jr.Warrant Officer Ajay Sharma of district Bhiwani, Havildar Suresh Kumar of village Goad Balaha, district Mahendragarh, Havildar Mahender Singh of village Beri, district Mahendragarh, Havildar Surender Singh of village Bhaproda, district Jhajjar, Lance Dafadar, Pardeep Kumar of village Rajyaki, district Rewari, Naik Joginder Pal of village Pirthi Ka Majra, district Yamunanagar, Lance Naik Harlabh Singh of village Bada Gudha, district Sirsa, Marco Virender, district Jhajjar, Rifleman Ram Niwas of village Bobua, district Hisar, Sepoy Bhim Singh of village Budhwal, district Mahendragarh, Sepoy Rakesh Kumar of village Gondar, district Karnal, Sepoy Dhiraj Kumar of village Tint, district Rewari, Sepoy Sandeep Yadav of village Seehma, district Mahendragarh, Sepoy Karambir Singh of village Kohandrawali, district Jhajjar and Sepoy Dilbag Singh of village Barhana, district Jhajjar.
The House also paid tributes to Mr.Hari Singh Dhaka, father-in-law of Finance Minister Capt. Abhimayu, , Mr.Balwant Singh Surjewala, uncle of Mr.Randeep Singh Surjewala, MLA, Mrs. Usha Mohanta, wife of Mr.S.C.Mohanta, Ex-MP, Mr.Dinkar Mehra, son and Mr.Ved Singh, brother of Chaudhary Lehri Singh, Ex-MLA and Mr.Kabul Singh, brother of Mr.Dharam Singh Chookar, Ex-MLA.

Khattar announces financial security for girls right from their birth

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar today announced a number of initiatives, including a new scheme aimed at financial security of girls right from their birth. Mr Khattar was replying to the Governor’s address on the second day of the ongoing session of Haryana Vidhan Sabha here today.
He also announced schemes to ensure efficient management of power sector and added that the opposition and the general public would be involved in decision making process of the Government. This, he said, would be without drawing party lines.
He said that priority would be given to girls’ education and employment. This would be help them getting married to a groom hailing from a well settled family. He also expressed concern over the low sex ratio in the State adding that people discussed this issue concerning Haryana all over the country. At present it is 859 girls for 1000 boys. To improve this, new schemes would be prepared in the next budget session, he added.
Mr Khattar also expressed concern over the transmission losses in power sector which is about 16 per cent. He said that receipts in the form of electricity bills is just 30 to 32 per cent which is quite low. If receipts are pending, what are the reasons, he questioned. He
said that he was told that the present installed generation capacity of the State is 5000 MW. There were 20 power plants in the State out of which on average only 8 or 9 plants were functional.
He said thatif all the 20 plants remain functional, the State could generate 5000 MW electricity whereas our demand is 4000 MW to supply power round-the-clock to the people. Therefore, the State would get 1000 MW surplus power. He said that it is also a matter of introspection as to why people do not pay their electricity bills and added that all the elected legislators should encourage the people in their respective areas to pay bills regularly otherwise the State would suffer a loss on account of non payment of electricity bills.
The Chief Minister said that education would be the top priority of the State Government as it plays a significant role in human development. He said that the State would strive to follow the National Education Policy to create a healthy atmosphere for education. He said that educational infrastructure would be strengthened and separate toilets for girls would be constructed. He said that Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi has urged all the MPs to construct maximum number of toilets in villages and slums under the MPLAD fund. He said that there was no doubt about Haryana’s significant achievement in sports world as its players have won medals at national and international level, but still the youth of Haryana have huge untapped potential. The State would be developed as a sports hub, added Mr Khattar.
While underlining the need to infuse among the people a sense of belongingness, he said that efforts would be made to remove the gap between people and the government. The perception among the people that the government is ruler based should be removed. He said that his aim is to provide a responsive and corruption free government.
Mr Khattar said that as he has made a self commitment to render public service, he has never done any personal work after having joined the RSS as a full time Pracharak in the year 1980. Being a new to public dealing, he said that he has rendered active and dedicated service to RSS and decided to serve the 2.5 crore people of the state.
He made it clear that he would always remain concerned about the people rather than safegusrding his personal interests. "I feel proud to be associated with RSS and main agenda of sangh is creation of human beings". It would be after a span of 34 years that he would get salary, he added.
Mr. Khattar said that corruption is the core issue of our concern. He promised that there would be no space for corruption in future programmes. Action would be taken on all cases concerning corruption, he added.