Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hike in remuneration of computer professionals in Haryana

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by Haryananewswire (Balbir)
Chandigarh, March 17

The Haryana Government has made a steep hike in the remuneration of the computer professionals of various categories in the State with effect from 1.1.2010.
As per a notification to this effect issued by the Information Technology Department, Haryana, the remuneration for Data Entry Operator Category (i) has been increased from Rs.4950 per month to Rs.8000 per month, for Category (ii) from Rs.6050 per month to Rs.9000 per month and for Category (iii), which is a new category, a
remuneration of Rs.10,000 per month has been fixed.
The remuneration for DTP Operator has been increased from Rs.7700 per month to
Rs.11,500 per month.
The remuneration for Junior Programmer/Junior Data Analyst/Networking ssistant/Web Designer Category (i) has been increased from Rs.7700-9900 per month to Rs.13,000 per month and for Category (ii) to Rs.15,000 per month, for Category (iii), which is a new category, a remuneration of Rs.16,000 per month has been fixed.
The remuneration for Programmer/Data Analyst/Networking Engineer Category (i) has been increased from Rs.11,040-13,800 per month to Rs.16,000 and for Category (ii) to Rs.18,000 per month. Remuneration for System Analyst has been increased from Rs.25,300-28,750 per month to Rs.25,000 per month. Senior System Analyst and Deputy Manager, which are new category, would get a remuneration of Rs.26,000 per
month and Rs.32,000 per month respectively. Similarly, General Manager, which is also a new category, would get a remuneration of Rs.55,000 per month.
The State Government has also decided the terms and conditions for the future engagement of computer professionals.
As per these terms and conditions, the decision to engage IT personnel in various categories on contract basis, increase or reduce the numbers and renewal/ extension of their contracts from time to time rests primarily with the client department/ organization which has to be need-based. The contract period for the IT Professionals, wherever so engaged, and subject to requirements of the client Department/ organization, shall be a minimum of one year (as against the current six months) which would be renewable on year to year basis, subject to their performance being found very good or above, by the concerned Department/ Organisation where they are deployed.
Hartron would be involved only at the time of initial screening and selection of a candidate and charge a fee equal to one month’s remuneration. Thereafter, the concerned professional shall be on the rolls of the concered department/organization. The concerned Department/ Organisation shall ensure that his monthly contract amount/ remuneration/ job work fee is paid in the same manner as the salary of regular employees. The contract amount would be paid out of
the ‘Object Head” viz. Professional Services, for which a provision will be got made in the budget of the Department. Further, the concerned Department/ organization will also be responsible for deposit of CPF/ESI etc. as applicable, in respect of the concerned resource. Every Department/ Organisation requisitioning the services
will follow the instructions bearing No. Admn/307/2006/1SIT/6272 dated
29.12.2008 issued by this Department in this behalf.
The expenditure shall be borne by the borrowing Departments/ Boards/
Corporations/Agencies/Authorities who are utilizing the services of the IT professionals. In the event an IT Professional is found fit/suitable for renewal/ extension of his contract based on justified requirements, he/she may be allowed a raise 5% over the base amount specified.
Hartron shall prepare a standard form of ‘Service Contract Agreement”
to be signed with the IT personnel, which shall be got vetted from Labour Department and shall circulate the same to all the Departments/ Organisations. The said contract Agreement shall be prepared both for the initial engagement as well as the extension/ renewal of contract.
Every IT professional engaged on contract basis may be allowed 10 days Casual leave in a calendar year during the period of engagement. Any leave beyond this period would entail prorated deduction from his job work fee. The IT Professionals, engaged on job-work fee/ contract basis in accordance with the above, would also be entitled to payment of TA/DA whenever required to undertake journeys for official duties
at the same rate/ scale as is permissible to a regular employee of equivalent level in the State Government.
IT professionals, who are not covered under the ESI scheme, would also be entitled to payment of fixed medical allowance @ Rs.500 per month over and above the consolidated remuneration/job work fee as prescribed. In cases where ESI contribution is mandatory, the Department/ organization shall deposit the same over and above the fixed remuneration.
In case any person so engaged is currently drawing a higher amount of job work fee/ contract remuneration than the revised remuneration/amount, the same will be protected till it gets neutralized with annualized increase.


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