Saturday, November 21, 2009

Haryana governor with IPS officers

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by Haryanawirenews
Chandigarh, Nov 21
The Haryana Governor Mr. Jagannath Pahadia, today said that Police force being the most visible face of the ‘Government’ or the ‘State’, the people expect the police to behave just as an ideal Welfare State would interact with its citizens. This has brought about a sea-change in the perception of the public of the role of the police.
Mr. Jagannath Pahadia was interacting with a group of 22 IPS Probationers at Haryana Raj Bhawan here today. These probationers were led by Dr. Swarup Vedanand, Assistant Director, SVP National Police Academy, Hyderabad.
He said that the Police officers should always arm themselves with knowledge, latest scientific techniques, modern instruments and keep updating the same with the latest knowledge of law and its various procedures. They should remember that procedure itself ensures fairness and integrity in any profession.
The Governor said that the probationers belonging to different states of the country have joined the service at a very exciting time; when the role and responsibilities of the police are undergoing a transformation due to new and varied challenges being faced by the society and consequently the security forces of the country. The concept of a welfare State as envisaged by the makers of our
Constitution has evolved considerably over the last 60 years and this has altered the aspirations of the people, especially the expectations that they have from the various arms of the Government, he said.
Mr. Pahadia reminded them that the greatest quality for a civil servant, especially those like the probationers who have been assigned such important and sensitive tasks and deal directly with the public, is integrity. Integrity of purpose, intent and action; professional integrity, and personal integrity. He said the task of the police officer is very difficult and they should ensure the truth and reality before taking any action in any matter relating to the maintenance of
law and order.
He said that another important factor is fairness in dealings. Each action and interaction, whether with the public or with one’s own subordinates and colleagues should be such that shows a purposeful lack of bias–whether personal, religious, social or any other. Like justice, fairness must not just be done but should be seen to be done as well, the Governor emphasized.
On this occasion, the first lady of Haryana, Mrs. Shanti Pahadia, the elder son of the Governor, Mr. Om Prakash Pahadia and his wife Mrs. Poonam Pahadia alongwith ADC to Governor Mr. Jag Parvesh Dahiya were also present.

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That's why IPS>>> outshine IAS.