Saturday, August 12, 2017

Academic credit in transfer matters for Headmasters/Principals

The Haryana School Education Department has decided that Headmasters and Principals would also be considered for academic credit in transfer matters. Accordingly, the benefit of the result, general or special, as the case may be, of the last latest opportunity given to them is allowed for MIS transfers.
        While stating this here today, a spokesman of the Department said that the Teachers’ Transfer Policy counts as teachers the cadres of Principal, Headmaster, Post Graduate Teacher (PGT), Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT), Classical and Vernacular (C&V) teacher and Junior Basic Teacher (JBT).
        He said that in view of the decision of the Haryana Government that a teacher would be given credit of academic performance of the last latest opportunity given to him to perform academically, all teachers, including headmasters and teachers, have been asked to perform academically and thereby to earn credit for that. Credit for the academic performance is given in APAR, State Award and in transfer matters. As the headmasters and principals do some actual teaching as well as supervisory work, they have been given credit for general results of the schools which they ensure as part of their supervisory duty, in the State Awards and APAR.
        Recently, many PGTs have been promoted to the supervisory posts, mainly that of the principal. Therefore, these teachers have credits of their academic performance of last five years and the latest performance from amongst these five years that they will be taking credit of. Now, after promotion, these PGTs have been indistinguishably merged with the other principals. Therefore, for such teachers, the supervisory performance would be subsuming in it the general results of the school and the special teaching is simply the teaching by a teacher in class, he added.

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