Saturday, August 12, 2017

Haryana to give pipes and other equipment at subsidised rates

The state government would soon provide pipes and other equipment at subsidised rates in southern Haryana to ensure conservation of water and promote drip irrigation.
        This was disclosed by the Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, after visiting various distributaries in the villages of Bahal, Paju, Sirsi, Chahar Khurd, Sorda Kadim and Sorda Jadid in Bhiwani district, today. Water has been supplied to these villages through distributaries after many years.
         As a result of the concerted efforts made by the present government, water has now been supplied to the areas of Haryana neighbouring Rajasthan, which had been deprived of water for almost three decades.
       The Chief Minister said while the previous governments had neglected southern areas of Haryana, the present government has made arrangements to provide water to villages in Loharu division through Sorra distributary and Nangal Paju and Chahar Minors out of the total water presently available in the state.
    “The canal network in Haryana has 1,300 tail-ends, of which water has been supplied to more than 1,200. Water would be supplied to the remaining tail-ends after repairs,” he added.
        Urging the farmers not to be misled by the leaders of opposition parties and avail themselves of the benefits of the schemes being implemented by the present government, the Chief Minister said  the farmers should take to drip irrigation instead of sprinklers, which would help them conserve both water and electricity.   
        He said solar power projects would be established to supply electricity to ‘dhaanis’ of the area, and electricity would be provided for operating tubewells for irrigation by establishing solar power plants on vacant lands of gram panchayats. Since the state government provides 24-hour power supply in villages with line losses below 20 per cent, people should pay their electricity bills on time. 
        Mr. Manohar Lal also urged the farmers to store canal water in wells and ponds to increase groundwater level. Canal water would also be provided to farmers on the completion of projects such as Sutlej-Yamuna Link Canal, Hansi-Butana Canal, Lakhwar Dam and Renuka Dam, he added.

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