Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Suggestions/objections invited for online transfer policy

 Haryana Government has invited suggestions and objections from all stakeholders and organisations for the online transfer policy of Veterinary Surgeons, Veterinary Livestock Development Assistants, and Animal Attendants and Sweeper-Cum-Chowkidars, the draft of which has been uploaded on the Animal Husbandry and Dairying Department website www.pashudhanharyana.gov.in.  
          While stating this here today, a spokesman of the Department said that the aim of the policy was to provide equitable and demand based veterinary healthcare, breeding and extension services, risk coverage of livestock, employment generation and optimised job satisfaction amongst its veterinary surgeons in a fair and transparent manner.
          He said that the transfer policy would be applicable with effect from financial year 2018-19. Veterinary Surgeons are liable to be transferred anywhere in the state at any point of time. Whenever a transfer drive is contemplated, the competent authority will decide by a specific order which of the core and non-core posts would be included in the drive. Decision of allotment to a vacancy for non-core posts would be at the sole discretion of competent authority based on the specific requirement of the non-core post.
          The spokesman said that for the purpose of transfer of veterinary surgeons serving in the Department, the veterinary institutions in the state would be categorised in seven categories. Category A would include government livestock farms Hisar (all sectors), Trainers Training Institute Hisar, Government Veterinary Polyclinics, Pet Animal Medical Centre Panchkula, Government Sheep Breeding Farm, Government Pig Breeding Farm and Government Poultry Hatcheries. Similarly, Category B would include Mobile Veterinary Units and Government Veterinary Hospitals located within the municipal limits of district headquarters and Category C would include veterinary institutions located within the municipal or panchayat limits of sub-divisional or block headquarters.
          He said that Category D would include veterinary institutions located within 10 kilometres from the municipal limits of the district headquarters and Category E would include veterinary institutions located within 10 kilometres to 20 kilometres from the municipal limits of district headquarter. Similarly, Category F would include veterinary institutions located in district Nuh, Sub Division Hathin of district Palwal and Category G would include veterinary institutions located in the areas other than the Categories A, B, C, D, E and F.
          The spokesman said that general transfers of veterinary surgeons would be made only once in a year, however, transfers or postings necessitated by direct recruitment administrative exigency or in general public interest, can be made anytime. He said that transfer process would start in the month of February and would be completed by the end of May each year. It would involve rationalisation of posts, preparation of provisional actual and deemed vacancy list, seeking Yes/No option for transfer from veterinary surgeons completing three years in a particular category of veterinary institution, notification of list of vacancies to be filled or blocked, seeking preferences for choice of situations and generation of transfer orders. Qualifying date for actual vacancies, deemed vacancies, weightage or merit points’ calculation, count of stay would be March 31 of calendar year of transfer. 
          He said that transfer orders of veterinary surgeons will be issued in the months of April-May every year and the competent authority would make notification of dates for each process.
          He said that no veterinary surgeon would be posted in his or her home district. All posts occupied by such veterinary surgeons would be deemed vacant as specified in this policy. However, this principle would not be applicable to the veterinary surgeons who as per service record as residents of areas specified in Category F. Veterinary Surgeon having 12 months of less in retirement would not be transferred if they are not willing to participate in transfer drive, except extreme administrative exigency. Unless protected under a provision of this policy, every veterinary surgeon completing five years tenure in a particular category of veterinary institution would be transferred. 

The option once availed and confirmed would be final and can be changed only under the provisions of this policy. In some cases no option may be received for a ‘deemed vacancy’. In such a case, veterinary surgeon occupying that post would be allowed to continue in the institution for next one year or up to the next transfer drive whichever is earlier, if he or she opts for this.
          He said that if a veterinary surgeon has completed five years of stay in Category A, B, C or D, that particular category would not be made available for him for giving option of stations whether in online transfer drive or offline manual or temporary allocation. But in case of Category E, F or G, the stations would be made available to the veterinary surgeons, except their home districts, regardless of their stay in these categories as these three categories comprise of rural, backward and far-off areas. He said that a veterinary surgeon would be eligible to opt any number of institutions, across the categories available to him, throughout the state except his home district. He will be free to give preferences in order of his suitability. All veterinary surgeons would be asked as maximum institutions as suitable to them so that their chances of getting posted on un-opted stations in ‘Anywhere in State’ category may be reduced.  
          The spokesman said that unmarried female veterinary surgeons upon marriage, married female veterinary surgeons upon divorce or death of spouse, on request, may be permitted to participate in the next transfer drive after the event, irrespective of their duration of stay. He said that veterinary surgeons of repatriation would be posted in the categories of eligibility and availability of the vacant post in that particular eligible category. The veterinary surgeons on fresh recruitment would be posted in the categories E, F or G for an initial period of five years. In addition to these seven categories, there would be 8th category of ‘Anywhere in the state’. Those opting for this category would not be eligible to give preferences of stations and they would be utilised by the Department in the institutions having high deficiency of veterinary surgeons in the state. Minimum stay for seeking transfer would be three years, he added.
          He said that the transfer exercise would be carried out only through approved web based application. All the transfers would be implemented within seven days  of issuance of transfer orders. The treasury offices concerned would not draw the salary of the veterinary surgeons who have not complied with the orders and disciplinary action against the defaulter would be initiated in such cases. The veterinary surgeons transferred on administrative grounds of misconduct will not be transferred back to the same institution from where they were transferred on such grounds. Within 15 days of issuance of orders, the veterinary surgeons aggrieved with the transfer process can represent to the Department after joining at new place of posting, on a grievance redressal forum to be provided by the Department on this behalf. Their representation would be considered in accordance with this policy and appropriate decision would be conveyed to them as deemed fit as soon as possible. 


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