Sunday, April 1, 2018

Haryana launches Police Cadet Corp

The Haryana Government has started  a new program, namely, Police Cadet Corp with a view to engage the State's youth in nation building activities. With focus on the concept of 'Healthy Body - Healthy Mind', the community policing programs like marathon runs, yoga events and rahgiri events are being organised in each district of the State. These programs are very popular and a large number of youth are taking part in them.
This information was given by an official spokesman here today. He said that the  State Government is alive to its responsibility towards the present as well as the future generations and will leave no stone unturned in eradicating the menace of illicit drugs and illicit liquor. The Government will ensure continuous crackdown on the criminals and nefarious elements found indulging in sale, manufacture or smuggling of illicit drugs and illicit liquor. Exemplary, prompt and strict action will be taken against all such elements in accordance with law. At the same time, the Government will continue to educate the youth regarding the ill effects of the liquor and drugs with a view to keep them away from such substances.
He said that the State  Government has established a Special Task Force with a view to detect and investigate the various criminal activities including manufacture and supply of narcotic substances and drugs, illicit arms and counterfeit currency, cases of extorting and kidnapping and abduction for ransom, inter gang wars/shoot outs and contract killings, sensational cases of dacoity and robbery, and cases related to terrorism or having interstate ramifications.The Headquarter of Special Task Force has been set up at Gurugram and one IG rank officer has been made as ln-charge of the Special Task Force,he added.
He said  that during the year 2017, a total of 14,668 criminal cases have been registered against persons indulging in illicit liquor trade, almost all the accused persons have been arrested and the smuggled liquor has been seized. During this period, a total of 8,84,256 bottles of smuggled licit liquor, 38,702 bottles of illicit liquor, 7,61,047 bottles of English wine, 73,910 bottles of beer and 22 working stills have been seized.The State Government is extremely serious on the matter of illicit sale as well as the illicit use of intoxicating substances such as liquor, opium, poppy husk, ganja, charas, heroin and smackDuring the year 2017, a total of 2,247 criminal cases have been registered against narcotic drug criminals. Almost all the accused persons have been arrested and quantity totalling 86.28 Kg opium, 124.736 Kg charas, 9549.65 Kg poppy husk, 9.494 Kg smack, 4367.881 Kg ganja and 3.918 Kg heroin has been seized from them.
Additionally, special campaigns are being launched on a regular basis to detect liquor smuggling and narcotics smuggling. One such campaign has recently been launched from December 14, 2017 to January 15, 2018 with a view to detect narcotics and liquor smuggling, to prevent and detect crime against women, to prevent and detect crime against property and to make a crackdown on most wanted criminals. Similarly, a special campaign was launched in the entire State with effect from May 1, 2017 till May 15, 2017 to detect narcotic drugs, illicit weapons, to crackdown on eve-teasers and to check traffic violations like drunken driving and over-speeding. The special campaigns have been very successful, he added.

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