Sunday, May 6, 2018

100 Electric AC and 100 non-AC low floor buses will soon ply in Gurugram

 As many as 100 Electric AC Buses and 100 non-AC low floor Buses would soon ply in Gurugram. Apart from this, decks have been cleared for the launch of 100 buses for the Gurugram City Bus Service.
          While stating this here today, an official spokesman said that a decision to this effect was taken in the meeting of Board of Directors of Gurugram Metropolitan City Bus Limited (GMCBL). In the meeting, letter of award for one package of 100 Buses non AC – CNG low floor has been issued by GMCBL. Decision for the award of second package of 100 more buses to the bidder is also expected soon after complying with the bidding requirements.
          The Board has also decided to start the process of selection of Concessionaires for 100 Electric AC Buses and 100 non-AC low floor Buses. With this, GMCBL hopes to operate 400 buses in Gurugram by mid of 2019. With the conceptual and management support of the project of City Bus Operation, the GMCBL has been able to achieve this milestone in a span of seven months of its incorporation.
          He said that to run the bus service more efficiently, use of Intelligent Transport Management System (ITMS) solutions comprising of Automatic Vehicle Location system (AVLS), Passenger Information System (PIS) / Passenger Announcement System (PAS), Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS), Bus Management System and Mobile/Website Application has been decided. DIMTS, the knowledge partner for City Bus Operations in Gurugram, has been advised to assist GMCBL for establishing the Intelligent Transport Management System for the operation of Buses.
          He said that in a step towards paperless and cash less ticketing, validators to validate mobile tickets and read credit/debit cards would be installed in the buses. Land for Bus depot infrastructure has been identified at nine locations across the Gurugram Metropolitan Area. Approval for transfer of land at two locations, at Sector 10 and at Sector 52/53 has been received from HUDA. Approval for transfer of land by HUDA in Sector 48/72 is also expected shortly. Offer of allotment has been received from Transport Department for one location and by HSIIDC for one location. Land allotment for other locations is in process, he added.
          He said that construction of depots at three locations, for Sector 10, Sector 52/53 and at Sector 48/72 has already been initiated by MCG.  Work of depot at two locations (Sector 10 & Sector 52/53) has commenced. Tenders for construction of depot in Sector 48 have also been received in MCG and are under process for allotment, which is expected soon.
          As many as 11 routes in the Gurugram Metropolitan Area have been identified for the 200 buses. Construction of 453 Bus Queue Shelters, 125 by MCG and 328 by GMDA, on these routes have also been started on these 11 routes and are expected to be completed by the end of 2018, he added.

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